Does the thought of copywriting for your small business slowly drain your will to live?

Hyperbolic perhaps but if you think writing for your business is hard yakka, then you are 100% correct!  Here's why...

Your content needs to be:

  • engaging but not pandering,

  • professional but not over-complicated,

  • profit-oriented but not salesy. 

What's more, you've got to find the time to:

  • send those email blasts,

  • update that website,

  • maintain that social media presence, and then,

  • blog, blog, blog to appease those Google gods.

The writing is never-ending. For the time-poor and for those that find writing about as fun as plucking individual leg hairs with tweezers, keeping all those plates spinning is as good as impossible.

Why punish yourself?

I needed highly professional copy that represented our brand...As a result of Carly’s quick grasp of what we were trying to achieve, we were able to put high level content live quickly and without hassle."

- Kerry Pyle,


Canvas Copywriting produces compelling content that will boost your business and your spirits

I'm Carly and I'm here to help keep those plates spinning so that you can get on with the business of running your business!  I specialise in writing copy and content that helps small businesses create a foothold in the market and establish their unique identity. 


I understand how imperative it is to have regular high quality content that generates leads and maintains momentum.  I also know the importance of having someone who understands your vision, your values and your products and can communicate these in an authentic way to your target market.

  • Blog and article copywriting

  • Website copywriting

  • Email/newsletter marketing

  • Social media posts

  • SEO copywriting

  • Direct mailers

I can help take your business to the next level through:

Most importantly, I love the challenge of finding the perfect words, the perfect tone and the perfect pitch for each individual venture.

When you hire me, you get:

Glowing testimonial

I loved that Carly was able to capture the essence of my message and my personality with language."

Ashlynn Abrahams, Awaken Health Wellness Yoga

Attitude and skill of Carly Latanik from Canvas Copywriting